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Brown-Campbell Company
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Safe-T-Grid® - Overview

Safe-T-Grid® Aluminum Grating is a patented design that takes advantage of the special properties of aluminum to create a unique walking surface. It is ideal for high pedestrian traffic areas.

Safe-T-Grid® is based on bearing bars comprised of a specially designed and manufactured T-Bar aluminum extrusion. This is a highly efficient structural shape that yields exceptionally high load bearing ability for the amount of aluminum used - resulting in a product that is high strength, lightweight, and economical.


Plain Surface with Fluted Pattern

Plain Surface with Fluted Pattern

Non-Slip Abrasive Coated Surface

Non-Slip Abrasive Coated Surface

Safe-T-Grid® Type Table

How To Order

Safe-T-Grid® Aluminum Grating

  • Item No: TB-626 or TB-940
  • Quantity: Number of pieces required
  • Material: Aluminum, 6063-T6
  • Width: 36”
  • Height: 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 2”
  • Length: 10’, 12’, 20’ or cut to size
  • Surface: Plain with fluted pattern, Non-Slip
  • Finish: Mill (standard), Anodized, Duranodic
  • Accessories: Type 50 Fasteners

Frame, Hidden Fastener, Grating

Safe-T-Grid® Cutaway: Frame, Hidden Fastener, Grating

Type 50 Fastener

Fastener is hidden, does not protrude above surface (see cutaway photo below), and therefore presents no tripping hazards. Fasteners lock into the bottom flange of the bearing bars, clips can be tightened from above with a screw driver or an allen wrench making removal easy to allow access to covered area, and just as easily reinstalled - all from above the grating.

Fastener Side View

Safe-T-Grid® Fastener Side View

Fastener End View
Safe-T-Grid® Fastener End View