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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
Fabricator & Distributor Since 1952

Design Details


BOLTING CLOTH - Made from light wire diameter woven into a plain square mesh pattern. The light wire diameter provides a high percentage of open area. Bolting cloth is principally used in sifting and screen printing; however, its relatively high percentage of open area makes it desirable in many other applications.

CALENDERING - A rolling operation which flattens the knuckles of wire cloth giving it a smoother surface.

CRIMPS - Indentations placed in the wire to allow wires to be woven together. Placement and style determine location of the intersections and permit tight locking of the wires. (See page 22 for various crimp styles.)

FILL WIRES (also known as cross wire or shute wire) - Wires running across the width of the cloth as woven.

FILTER CLOTH - Cloth used for filtration or straining.

HARDWARE CLOTH - Plain weave square mesh cloth of relatively light wire, galvanized after weaving or welding. Usually between 2 and 8 mesh.

MARKET GRADE - Wire cloth most commonly available and used. This term is applied to a series of common meshes, each with a specific wire diameter used for general purpose work.

MESH- When specified as a number, refers to number of openings per lineal inch. When specified as a distance, refers to center to center distance of wires.

MICRON- The unit of measure for particle retention of filter media. 1/1000 millimeter, 0.00003937 inch.

MICRONIC FILTER CLOTH - Wire cloth of fine wires usually giving a particle retention of 50 microns or less.

OFF COUNT - A mesh which has a greater number of wires per inch in one direction, usually the warp direction, sometimes referred to as a rectangular mesh.

OIL TEMPERED WIRE - High carbon steel wire that is heat resistant to produce good strength and abrasion resistance.

OPENING - Measurement of the clear open space between parallel wires.

RECTANGULAR MESH - Wire cloth with different warp and fill wire mesh counts, resulting in rectangular openings. The most common have a higher warp mesh than filter mesh. Offers increased open area and reduced cost.

SELVAGE - Finished edges of wire cloth running the length of the roll which are produced by the weaving operation, prevents unraveling of the cloth.

SLEAZINESS - Refers to material easily knocked out of square.

SPACE CLOTH - Plain weave, square mesh standard wire cloth with openings slightly larger than the equivalent ordinary square mesh material. Specified by the opening size rather than by the mesh count.

SQUARE MESH - Mesh with equal spacing of warp and fill wires to give square openings.

WARP WIRES - Foundation wires running parallel to the length of the cloth.

WEAVES - Pattern in which wires are interwoven.

WELDED WIRE CLOTH - Warp and fill wires lay flat, no crimp; and are welded at each intersection.

WIRE DIAMETER OR GAUGE - Diameter of wire used in wire cloth