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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
Fabricator & Distributor Since 1952
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Bar Grating - Specialty Products

Grating Mats

Stainless Steel grating mats are a great alternative to aluminum or vinyl entrance mats, offering a much longer life and lower maintenance.

Applications Include: Entrance Mats, Air Grills, Light Diffusers, Revolving Doors, Ceilings and Walls, Swimming Pool Grates

  • Material: Type 304 Stainless Steel*
  • Slot Openings: 1/8”
  • Tread Surface: .071” x .177”
  • Bearing Bars: 1-1/8” or 5/8” high, 1” on center
  • Weight: 1-1/8”: 7#/sq ft; 5/8”: 5#/sq ft

Grating Mats

Grating Mat

*Similar products also available in aluminum and bronze or with carpet or vinyl inserts, please inquire.

Grating Mat Specs

Top View

Grating Mat Specs Direction of Traffic
Panel Size
8' 4'
8' 3'
6' 4'
6' 3'