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Introduction to Expanded Metal

Style Designation

Expanded metal products are designated by a series of numbers which identify a given style.

FIRST NUMBER: designates nominal diamond pitch Short Way of Design (SWD).

SECOND NUMBER: used in conjunction with the first number MAY specify the gauge of metal, weight per hundred square feet, or may have some other significance. Therefore, the word “gauge” should never be added to the style designation.

GRATING PRODUCTS: Designated by weight per square foot of the finished product.

Example 1: 1/2” #18 carbon steel standard, 48” SWD by 96” LWD.

Expanded Metal Style Designation

Example 2:
1/2” .051 aluminum standard, 96” SWD by 48” LWD.

Expanded Metal Style Designation

These illustrations demonstrate the importance of ALWAYS providing the SWD dimension BEFORE the LWD dimension.