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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
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Product Specifications

Assembly Information

Good Design Practices

These specifications are presented as a general guide in preparing project specifications:

  • All supports should provide a smooth, level, 1-1/2" minimum bearing surface (2-1/2" when using hold-down clip), free of burrs, bridging, welds or other irregularities.
  • Random cut ends and diagonal or circular cut exposed edges should be banded and welded at contact points at the discretion of the design engineer.
  • Bolted connections, except stair or ladder tread attachment to stringer channels, may be replaced by welded connections that develop the same strength.
  • Interlocking panels must be bolted or welded together when kickplates are used.

Grating Installation

Install grating in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and shop drawings. Position grating sections flat and square with ends bearing minimum 1-1/2" on supporting structure. Keep grating sections at least 1/4" away from vertical steel sections and 1/2" from concrete walls. Allow clearance at joints between sections of maximum 1/4" at side channels and maximum 3/8" at ends. Band random cut ends and diagonal or circular cut exposed edges with a minimum 1/8" thick bar welded at contact points.

Grating Attachment

Attach grating to supports without warp or deflection as follows:

  • Single Plank Attachment - Secure plank ends to supporting members at every point of contact. Use Grate-Lock™ accessories.
  • Multiple Plank Application - Secure plank ends to supporting members at every point of contact and intermediate grating sections with at least one attachment at each end of plank on alternate sides. For added rigidity, attach side channels of adjacent plank together (at mid-point of span).
  • Welded Attachment - Secure side channels to supports by fusion welding with 1/8" fillet welds 1" long. Weld adjacent planks together with 1/8" fillet welds 1" long, 24" o.c. staggered top and bottom.
  • Clamp and Bolt Attachment - Secure intermediate planks to supports using proper length hold-down clamps.