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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
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Accessories - Regular Grip Strut®

Diamond Washer for plank or walkway installation

Grip Strut® Regular Accessories - Diamond Washer

Grip Strut® Regular Accessories - Diamond Washer Diagram

Bolt and nut must be ordered separately:

Plank Carriage Bolt: 5/16” x (Side Channel height + 1”)
Walkway Carriage Bolt: 5/16” x 2”
Hex Nut:5/16”

Catalog #12262 is shaped to fit in diamond opening. Punched to receive 5/16” carriage head bolt with square shank.


  • Align plank on I-Beam or other anchoring cross-member.
  • Mark the I-Beam for drilling purposes under a slot near the end of plank. Drill a pilot hole.
  • Remove plank and drill a finish hole.
  • Replace plank. Align diamond washer over the drilled hole. Run bolt through diamond washer and I-Beam. Tighten with washer and nut until secure.