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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
Fabricator & Distributor Since 1952

Accessories - Heavy Duty Grip Strut®

Handrail Brackets

Eliminate unnecessary and costly substructure to support handrail post. Available in two styles: (1) Pipe Sleeve and (2) Clip Angle.

Catalog No. example: HRB-P-5 where P designates Pipe Sleeve and 5 designates 5-Diamond. Substitute ‘P’ for Pipe Sleeve or ‘A’ for Clip Angle. Substitute Diamond Number in Last Position. Handrail brackets are sold in plain non-finished steel but may be ordered in a hot dipped galvanized after fabrication finish. All hardware for mounting Handrail Bracket to Heavy Duty Steel Walkway is included.

Heavy Duty Pipe Sleeve Handrail Bracket

Catalog No. HRB-P-_ Designed for use with pipe style handrail post (Max. 2” O.D.) which allows for simple installation of handrail post. Secure post by tightening two allen head set screws.

Grip Strut® Heavy Duty Accessories - Clip Angle

Grip Strut® Heavy Duty Accessories - Clip Angle Diagram

Heavy Duty Clip Angle Handrail Bracket

Catalog No. HRB- A-_ Designed for use with all types of Handrail Post: Pipe, Angle, Tube, etc. Handrail Post may be mounted to Handrail Bracket with two 1/2” bolts and nuts (not included) to holes conveniently located, or by welding.

Grip Strut® Heavy Duty Accessories - Pipe Sleeve

Grip Strut® Heavy Duty Accessories - Pipe Sleeve Diagram