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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
Fabricator & Distributor Since 1952

Grip Strut® Rooftop Walkway Systems

  • Optimizes Roof Performance - Saves roof from walking and equipment abuse
  • Versatile - Designed for all roofing systems: Built-up, Single-ply, Inverted, and Spray-on
  • Flexible - Innovative design easily adapts to changing traffic patterns, accommodates level and roof slope changes
  • Traffic Control - Raised level discourages “shortcuts”
  • Safe, Year-Round Use - Raised level stays above snowfalls, drains snow, stays slip-resistant in three directions
  • Easy Installation - Goes down fast without fasteners, stays where you want it
  • Economical - Long life, low maintenance on roof and walkway

Grip Strut® Rooftop Walkway Systems
Grip Strut® Rooftop Walkway Systems Components Table
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