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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
Fabricator & Distributor Since 1952

Supergrit® Safety Treads

Ideal for heavy pedestrian traffic areas. Offers excellent indoor or outdoor safety protection at a low cost. Applicable for new construction or renovation applications. Types 231BF, 131, 141, and 238.

• Dual purpose - new concrete stairs or steel pan
• Available in 11 colors (see colors below)

Supergrit® Colors

Standard color is black. Black will be shipped unless other color is specified.

Light Green (LG-1)
Dark Green (DG-1)
Light Brown (LB-1)
Dark Brown (DB-1)
Light Red (LR-1)
Dark Red (DR-1)

Concrete Gray (CG-1)
Blue (BLU-1)
Safety Yellow (SY-1)
Black (BLA-1)
White (W-1)

Supergrit® Type 231BF
Supergrit® Type 131
Supergrit® Type 141
Supergrit® Type 238