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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
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Accessories - Perf-O Grip®


Perf-O Grip® Accessories J-Clip
Perf-O Grip® Accessories J-Clip Assembly

J-Clips fasten grating securely to the supporting steel without drilling holes. Manufactured in mill-galvanized steel. Hardware is not provided.


  • Align planks on I-Beam or other anchoring cross-member.
  • Place bolt seat on center hole of plank nearest the overhanging end.
  • Align J-Clip below plank so that the carriage bolt can slide through. Make sure the
    lower lip of the J-Clip reaches well into the I-Beam.
  • Run the carriage bolt through the bolt seat to the J-Clip and tighten securely with washer and nut.