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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
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Traction-Tread™ Rooftop Walkway Systems

Metal roofs meet a wide variety of design and performance needs. As a result, the square footage and building varieties covered by metal standing seam roofs has increased rapidly. These thin gauged roofing systems are engineering wonders, but they are not made to absorb foot and maintenance traffic. Traction-Tread™ Systems are an ideal solution to this situation. It is also an ideal solution for safer footing on rooftop applications.

  • Optimizes Roof Performance
    • Saves roof from walking and equipment abuse
    • Maximizes direct, free-flow drainage through elevated planks and open support
  • Versatile - Designed for most metal roof systems
  • Flexible - Innovative design easily adapts to changing traffic patterns, accommodates level and roof slope changes, allows multiple piece consolidation to accommodate wider walkways
  • Traffic Control - Raised level discourages “shortcuts”
  • Safe, Year-Round Use - Raised level stays above snowfalls, drains snow, stays slip-resistant in three directions
  • Easy Installation - Goes down fast, stays where you want it
  • Economical - Long life, low maintenance on roof and walkway