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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
Fabricator & Distributor Since 1952
Pultruded I-Bar Fiberglass

Pultruded I-Bar Fiberglass Grating offers a superior and economical walking surface with high strength and corrosion protection. Open areas are available in 60% or 40% making this product an excellent option for work platforms.

Items available for immediate shipment are listed below.
If you are looking for an item not listed please complete our Fast Quote Form or call 800-472-8464.
Item# Resin/Type Height Pattern Color Surface Size
FPGG40106 P-Polyester 1" I-4010-6 Dark Gray Grit
FPGG40156 P-Polyester 1.5" I-4015-6 Dark Gray Grit
FPGG60106 P-Polyester 1" I-6010-6 Dark Gray Grit
FPGG60156 P-Polyester 1.5" I-6015-6 Dark Gray Grit
FPYG40156 P-Polyester 1.5" I-4015-6 Yellow Grit
FPYG60106 P-Polyester 1" I-6010-6 Yellow Grit
FPYG60156 P-Polyester 1.5" I-6015-6 Yellow Grit
FVYG60106 V-Vinyl Ester 1" I-6010-6 Yellow Grit