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Brown-Campbell Company
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Fiberglass Specialty Products

FenceMesh™ Grating

FenceMesh™ is a 1/2” deep multi-purpose lightweight fiberglass reinforced plastic screen. This product can be used for a wide range of industrial, commercial and institutional applications including machinery guards, fencing, space dividers in factories and warehouses and cages for tools, equipment and animals. Additionally, FenceMesh™ grating is an ideal alternative as a fully supported anti-skid flooring in areas such as food processing facilities and other areas where wet or slippery conditions are prevalent.

FenceMesh™ possesses all of the features of fiberglass grating including corrosion resistance, lightweight, non-conductivity and skid resistance. It is produced in 1/2” depth, 2” x 2” mesh, 4’ x 12’ panels, with 82% open area.

Applications Include:

  • Machinery guards
  • Fencing
  • Space dividers
  • Cages
FenceMesh™ Grating