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Brown-Campbell Company
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Fiberglass Specialty Products

Floor Panels

Fiberglass Floor Panels are usually installed over existing grating to provide a solid walkway or to extend the life of high traffic areas. Floor panels can also be bolted directly to structural beams and used as wall panels that are resistant to corrosive splash when ordered with an ungritted surface.

Fiberglass floor panels offer a safe solution to slippery walking surfaces with high durability and a long, maintenance free life. A molded-in grit-top surface is standard for improved footing. Panels are non-conductive and non-porous.

Fiberglass floor panels are manufactured by building up multiple layers of fiberglass reinforcement and specially formulated resins, therefore resulting in a solid composite panel offering bi-directional strength and corrosion resistance.

Note: Floor Panels are also sometimes referred to as “Floor Plate”

Fiberglass Floor Panels
Fiberglass Floor Panels