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Brown-Campbell Company
Brown-Campbell Company
Specialty Steel Manufacturer,
Fabricator & Distributor Since 1952

Fiberglass Accessories

Molded Grating - Grating Legs

Pedestals can be designed for varied heights up to a maximum of 60”. Lateral bracing or support is recommended.

Fixed-Height Grating Legs for Level Floors:

A) Single Head - Interior panel support up to 60” above level floor
B) Double Head - Support two adjacent panels

Adjustable-Height Grating Legs for Sloping Floors:

C) Mini Legs - Raise grating from 2-3/4” to 9” above sloping floor
D) Single Head - Screw-adjusted from the top
E) Double Head - Join and support two adjacent panels

Molded Grating - Grating Legs